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Death from Above 1982

I did a couple favors for some guys who looked like Tuscan Raiders

wired for sound and down with whatever
25 June 1982
Male. 28 years of age. Happily married with a dog, guinea pig and lizard. Lives in the greater Boston area and has since 2004. Neuroscience researcher who wants to be a writer.

Mostly use this as a journal with little expository writing anymore. All such entries are friends-locked. Public posts are rare these days as I use Facebook for "OMG funneh link" things.

Very guarded about Internet friends. Most LJ friends are known in real life one way or another. Active commenting at least once per year is preferable to ghost-reading. It's just how I roll. If you haven't posted in your journal nor commented in forever then I'm probably going to drop you, so give me a heads-up every now and then if you're still lurking. Comment to be added or else I'm going to seem quite boring to you.